Two Days Training in Resource Mobilization and RB M&E

On 18-19 October 2022, DDCSN gave two days of training to local civil society organizations (CSOs) on resource mobilizations and result-based monitoring and evaluation. The major objective of this training was to familiarize the CSOs with the new way of monitoring and evaluation and how they can mobilize their resources and use them effectively.

Result-based monitoring and evaluation (RB M&E) is an effective and efficient way of monitoring and evaluation that provides a framework for the effective measurement of the result. This type of monitoring and evaluation training enables the participants to focus their efforts on monitoring performance rather than just spending and on evaluating long-term results rather than short-term outputs, which makes local and international donors actively participate and donate to the vision and works of the CSOs.

The second day of the training continues with resource mobilization. The resource mobilization training focuses on how CSOs can effectively plan to mobilize resources effectively, mechanisms to mobilize resources, basic principles in resource mobilization, and the whys and how to develop and maintain relationships with resource providers.

Since Mobilize resources and assuring effective use of the resources for designated purposes and strengthening the capacities of members to ensure their sustained contribution to the development endeavors of the region are the main objectives of DDCSN, this training makes a huge impact on creating a blueprint for how local CSOs can monitor and evaluate their work and also mobilize their resources effectively to achieve their goal.

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