Workshop on Deepening Networking and Partnership among CSOs

On 14 October 2022, DDCSN conducted policy advocacy and collaboration forum for civil society organizations in Dire Dawa. The objective of this workshop was to create a policy advocacy partnership forum between CSOs, based in Dire Dawa city administration.

The workshop was Chicked-off by an opening remark from DDCSN Director, Mr. Teferi Aberra. In his opening remark, he explained DDCSNs main project area and the main reason behind organizing this workshop for the CSOs.

After the opening remarks, DDCSN’s partnership and community engagement manager, Mr. Abebe Mekonnen, made a brief presentation on the establishment and strengthening of the civil society forum for improved performance of CSOs. In his presentation, he addresses two major problems observed in terms of promoting sustainable development at all levels lack of collaboration and partnership among themselves and shortage of adequate resources. Considering the problems and the resource limitation against the huge and complex socio-economic challenges faced, the need for a highly coordinated approach and concerted efforts to achieve national development objectives has been found more necessary.

At the end of the workshop, all participants agree and reach in consensus on the significance of working in partnership helps to empower all CSOs, avoid duplication and competition between each other, develop cooperation and teamwork, and establish a civil society forum.

At the end of the presentation, DDCSN initiated a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to be signed to establish a CSO forum, and 20 CSOs agreed to sign the MOU.

Striving to build partnerships with other civil society organizations and enhancing impact and effectiveness is one of DDCSN’s strategies and approaches to making a change. This partnership between CSOs is a major success. To that end, the CSO forum Executive Committee will undertake regional CSO forum meetings to review policy gaps in various thematic areas, including women, children, youth, persons with disabilities, and older persons. Hence, CSO forum meetings with the relevant sector bureaus on policy issues will be identified.

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