Dire Dawa Civil Society Network (DDCSN) is the first of its kind network organization in Dire Dawa City Administration which is established by three CSOs with the aim to impact city administration’s development through collective and organized efforts. The organization has legally registered by Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Agency for Civil Society Organization on July 2019, licensed under the registration number 4287 with Civil Society Organizations Proclamation No. 1113/2019. Currently, the organization has a significant and active operational presence in the Dire Dawa Administration.

Organizational Board 

DDCSN Board is the highest decision body of the organization. The board has five members out of which 2 of them are women. According to organizational bi-low membership to DDCSN the network is possible for any individual above the age of 18 willing to contribute for the fulfillment of the organizational objective. The organizational board quarterly meets and monitors the accomplishment of the organizational executive body.

Executive Committee 

DDSCN organizational Executive body is chaired by the Director of the Organization. The executive body includes Program Officer, and other senior core staff. The Executive body is responsible for the day to day routine organizational management and meets on periodic and routine base


DDCSN’s vision is to enhance civil society organization efficiency to see a poverty-free society in which the communities are free with equally respected rights and benefit in a sustainable economic and psychological base.


DDCSN is an endeavor to enhance members’ efficiency to attain their objectives through building their capacity and strengthening their collective voice, and strengthening efforts in which communities are free with equally respected rights and benefits.




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