Dire Dawa Civil Society Network (DDCSN) is the first network organization in Dire Dawa Administration which is established by initiated CSOs with the aim to impact city administration’s development through collective and organized efforts. DDCSN is a board-led, for-not-profit organization registered in Ethiopia under the Civil Societies Law 1113/2019 with registry number 4287. DDCSN acquired its legal personality on July 2019.


DDCSN’s vision is to enhance civil society organization efficiency to see a poverty-free society in which the communities are free with equally respected rights and benefit in a sustainable economic and psychological base.


DDCSN is an endeavor to enhance members’ efficiency to attain their objectives through building their capacity and strengthening their collective voice, and strengthening efforts in which communities are free with equally respected rights and benefits.

Core Objectives

DDCSN, as legally registered for, and is mandated to:-

–     Ensure protection of individual and group rights, democratic life, human rights, and rule of law.

–     Promote community-based environment protection

–     Creating a Strong Network to Stir Collaboration and Partnership among the CSOs, CSOs and Government for   Improved Regional Engagement.

–     Creating a platform for cooperation and positive experiences among network members

–     Creating healthy communication among associations, member organization, governmental and nongovernmental organizations

–     Raising awareness of the network members and the society about human rights, by doing advocacy works, civic education, by encouraging democratization processes for the society to increase their knowledge on human rights and helping them empower negotiable behavior.

–     Educating on election and teaching about election making citizens participate actively on election.

–     Participating on environment protection to support the effort through creating a clean and free living environment.

–     Creating platform for training, experience sharing  etc.

–     Increasing the association members capability in order to strengthen their role in continuous development activity\


Governance Structure 

Organizational Board

 DDCSN Board is the highest decision making body of the organization. The board has five members out of which two are women. According to organizational by-law membership to DDCSN is possible for any individual above the age of 18 willing to contribute for the fulfillment of the organizational objective. The organizational board quarterly meets and monitors the accomplishment of the organizational executive body.

Executive Committee 

DDSCN organizational Executive body is chaired by the Director of the Organization. The executive body includes Program, Engagement &  communication and MEL Officers and other senior core staffs. The Executive body is responsible for the day to day routine organizational management and meets on periodic and routine base.


Organizational Policy and Procedure

DDCSN has the following systems and procedures in place that will help to effectively manage its programs and projects: 

Governing Policies and Procedure 

             ·        Ethiopia Charities and Societies agency approved organizational By-law

             ·        Human Resource Management  and Administration Policy Manual

             ·        Organizational Finance management Policy manual

             ·        Organizational Procurement and supply Manual

             ·        Organization Anti-Fraud Policy

             ·        Organizational Safeguarding Policy

             ·        Organizational grant management policy


 Working Financial and Other Systems 

             ·        Updated financial policy & procedure

             ·        Updated procurement policy

             ·        Asset Management System

             ·        Vehicle Management System

             ·        HR Data Base System

             ·        External Auditing

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